Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog Post 3

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

In Dr. McLeod's post he talks about all the excuses parents and teachers make for not teaching a child technology. As I started reading it I wondered where he was going with his post, but towards the end I extremely enjoyed it.

After finding out a little bit more about Dr. McLeod I totally understand why he would post a blog like that. He is an Associate Professor and Coordinator that studies technology leadership in education. His main point is that technology is our future and parents and teachers need to accept it. They also need to not only learn it, but also be willing to teach it. It is our future after all. You can view his blog for yourself at the link below.

Dr. McLeod's blog

The iSchool Initiative

In this video, Travis is promoting the iSchool. It is a devise like the iphone or itouch. I believe he means well in supporting it, but I believe it would actually be used for what he is talking about it would replace our teachers. Teachers are already struggling to keep or find a job. I believe this would only make things harder on us.

Please do not get me wrong, I believe technology is every important, but I think this is a little too extreme. It has some very good applications to help our students, and yes it would help out with the environment (going green), but I am not sold and do not want to loose my job before I even start teaching. If you would like to view his video. Please click on the link below.

Travis's video

Watch The Lost Generation

I really enjoyed watching this video! I was sad at first, because I really believed that he truly felt that way about his generation. I love that when he read everything from the bottom to the top there was a different outcome. I have attached a link below and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jonathan Reed's video

Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

I was really impressed by this video. Eric Whitaker takes people from all over the world and has them all singing together on one accord. They sounded great! I wonder how they knew what to sing and how high to sing it in, but regardless of that they were very impressive. I have attached a link below if you would would like to see it yourself.

Eric Whitaker's video

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  1. Did you really intend to argue that your job is more important than using the most effective learning techniques (assuming they are) for kids? My prediction: schools will be baby sitting organizations and/or juvenile detention centers within 15 years, especially if they do not rapidly embrace the use of personal technologies for learning. Colleges have even a shorter time to get their act together? And if you had not guessed, I have no sympathy with the argument that we should protect jobs at all costs!

    If we can create a virtual world, why can't we create the iSchool?