Wednesday, June 9, 2010

C4T on Karl Fisch

My first post on his blog:

I really enjoyed reading your post on Transparent Algebra: Assessment Revisited. You are an inspiration to me as a future teacher, because you are thinking outside the box. Although, you know it is not going to be an easy transition, you are still going to give it a shot.

I believe teachers/principals are more concerned with grades and students passing a test then them really remembering what they have learned. I loved it when you said, "... shifting the focus from points and toward understanding." We as teachers need to get our students ready for the real world and not just knowledge they will forget after their test is taken.

My second post on his blog:

Although I am not that familiar with the solar panel. I do know it is suppose to help out with the ozone, and I believe that is a great thing. I am glad it is working out for you so far and hope it continues.

I think you can definitely make a math lesson out of it. Somewhere around the first week or two of school explain to your students what is going on with the solar panels, show them the graphs, and ask them to make a prediction about how much you will save in three months.

This is only a suggestion, but I believe they will be interested in finding out how close they were in their predictions. It is also something they can relate to with you. Good luck in what you decide to do with your lesson and with the solar panels.

My last post on his blog:

I feel like there is so much to learn, and I am constantly learning something new everyday. I do not feel like it is a bad thing to have someone believe or not believe like you do. We were not made to agree with everything another person said or did. That is why we are all different. I love reading and seeing other peoples opinion on things, because it makes me think why do they believe this and then I form my own opinion.

Although, I only blogged on three of his posts, I read several and feel like this is a teacher I would like to continue to follow. I believe he gives some good advise and that would help me with my teaching experience.

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