Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did You Know? 3.0

After watching the video by Karl Fisch I realized just how important the internet really is to everyone all over the world. India and China have taken a closer look at it and are learning all that they can about the internet. They know it is the way of the future. What is bad is the United States does not seem to be worried that they are not as technologically ready as China and India. To see what I am talking about please see the following link below to watch it yourself.

Karl Fisch's video

Mr. Winkle Wakes

I found this video a little upsetting. Mr. Winkle is asleep for one hundred years and when he wakes up so much has changed. The main change is all the technology that is being used. The only place he felt at home was in a school, because of the lack of technology that was being used there. The reason this is upsetting to me is because we are teaching our children information that by the time they graduate and try to get a job they will not know the basic necessities to make it in the real work world.

Technology is very important and is our future. We as teachers need to make sure our students are ready for the future. The only way to achieve this is to teach our students about technology. I am not saying they do not need to know the basics as well, but we have to have our students ready for the real world. They are our future. If you would like to see the video for yourself please use the following link below.

Mathew Needleman's video

The Importance of Creativity

After watching Sir Ken Robinson's video I agree with him about the fact that children need to use their creativity. Their are so many academic classes that you do need to teach them the correct way of doing things, but you do not need to do it in art or drama. Creativity in a child is what makes that child stand out. Who are we to take that away from them? We need to encourage our students to be who they want to be. No matter what that is, it is what makes us unique. Students get told "no" or "that's wrong" so much that they get discouraged. They believe they are not good enough.

Although, this video was almost twenty minutes and I felt like he could have made his point in half that amount of time, he was pretty comical. Which made it easier to watch, but I understood were he was going with it around the ten minute area. I thought it was pretty funny about that famous dancer back in the thirties that would probably be mis-diagnosed for AD/HD today. The reason why this amuses me is, because I believe a lot of people do this just to have a reason for their behavior and to make the parents/teachers have a reason why they are acting the way that they do. If you would like to see Sir Robinson yourself. Please follow the link below.

Sir Ken Robinson's video

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

I have always felt like I learned things differently than other students. One of the main reason's I want to teach is to help children exceed their potential. I believe Vicki Davis is doing that by introducing her students to the internet and getting them involved with DigiTeen. I love how the internet can connect you with people from around the world. There is so much our children do not know about other children in other countries this is a great way for them to learn. It not only connects them to each other they can learn from each other.

I am still learning about the internet and all the many things the computer has to offer. One thing i really like about Vicki's video is that she admits she is still learning too. She teaches the students, but they also teach her. Teachers need to be willing to learn something from a student. I always feel like I am learning something new everyday, and that is a great thing no matter who the teacher is. If you would like to see this video yourself. Please use the following link below.

Vicki Davis's video


  1. Hi Ms. Logan,

    I am proud to see that you have so successfully completed your pots and wordle. I especially like how you put a link to the videos, maybe next time you can raise the bar and add pictures or the videos themselves. So far, your blog looks great!

    In your Winkle Wakes post you said, "I am not saying they do not need to know the basics as well, but we have to have our students ready for the real world." You also emphasized the need to integrate and encourage creativity through the arts. I want to challenge you to think about how you can use technology to support the "basics" and display your students' creations.

    Also, how do you think Vicki Davis is impacting the students motivation to learn? Here are just a few thoughts that might get you started pondering... her students are being exposed to new ideas and cultures that they may have otherwise never cared about, they are realizing similarities between nations, being humbled by the sight of so many other network people in the world, having their work published for an international audience, etc.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading how you might apply some of the concepts we will be learning about soon.


  2. Alissa, I thought that this was a very insightful post! I agree with you that it is scary how our students are being taught in school today from the Mr Winkle Wakes video. Also, I loved the humor of Sir Ken Robinson's video! Good job.

  3. Hi Alissa,
    Your post was very thorough and insightful. I definitely agree with you about the Mr. Winkle Wakes video. Though I think it was slightly exaggerated I also do know that there was some truth in it as well and that is very scary. Schools should be at the top of the technology level.