Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blog Post 10

A 7th grader's PLE

I actually use the same learning network as she does. Symbaloo is a easy way to keep all your important documents organized as you will see in her video. I have not done as much work on mine as she has, but anytime I am on the internet and find a site I like, I add it to my PLN so I can access it again later.

Here is a link to A 7th grader's PLE if you are thinking about setting up one yourself. I highly recommend it!

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

This was a great video! I hope everyone will take the 3 minutes it takes to watch it. Once you do watch it then think..."What is my sentence?" Mine is...She made sure every child knew they could accomplish anything they set their mind to.

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