Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My 3rd C4K

This is the comment I left for Mr. McClung on "Banning vs. Acceptable Use" by Ms. Buell.

Mr. McClung,

I read both yours and Ms. Buell's post. I believe it is an empowerment thing for people to band something. Not because it really is a bad thing, but because they can. I agree with Ms. Buell that silly bands and cigarettes should not be under the same category.

The teacher in my sons' K-5 class last year asked that they not wear them, but I believe it was distracting to them. They were only 5. Although, I do not believe an older student who will leave them alone should be band from it.

Here is a link to both Mr. McClung's post and Ms. Buell's post.

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